Whisper Yachts' vision
is to transform sustainably
human relationship with the sea.

Whisper Yachts exists to bring sustainable and environmental solutions to sea navigation.

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Slow Cruising

Whisper Yachts navigates toward a horizon where nautical pursuits are reinvented. In this poetic voyage, eco-responsibility and slow cruising blend to offer a luxurious and nature-conscious experience. 

Whisper Yachts embarks the best of technology aboard solar-powered yachts designed to be both in harmony and respect with the sea.

Whisper Yachts embarks the best of technology aboard solar-powered yachts designed to be both in harmony and respect with the sea.

Guy Marchal, Founder

A new way of exploration

Whisper Yachts offers exclusive luxury yachts powered by green energy that provide a way of sailing more handy, comfy and eco-friendly.

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Its embarks the best of technology to be both in harmony and respect with the sea : 

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    3 sources of batteries : solar panels, connection to the shore power supply, backup generator(s).
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    An innovative design aimed at creating space for comfortable cruising
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    Whisper 50 offers an unlimited autonomy at 5-6 knots thanks to its 40 m² of solar panels, with a top speed of 15 knots
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    Low Maintenance Cost, 90% savings compared with thermal engine
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A sustainable solution

Whisper Yachts is constantly innovating and adapting its products to push back the limits of responsible navigation, placing respect for seas and oceans at the heart of their concerns. The design team is committed to always selecting sustainable materials without compromising quality.

Whisper Yachts reduces the carbon impact on the environment by 90% and produces renewable energy. When docked all year long, Whisper Yachts provides green energy to the infrastructure of marinas.

Green technology
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Whisper Yachts' future

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Solar panels and battery packs are interchangeable to adapt to future available technologies.

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A partnership with APER, the voluntary network for dismantling end-of-life pleasure boats.

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The development of an anchorless technology to preserve the seabed and reduce the noise footprint of yachts.

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Replacing diesel-powered generators by hydrogen fuel cells.

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The installation of showers that recycle and reuse 92% of the water needed in a closed circuit.

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Create and develop a 90% recyclable yacht by 2030.

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The development of new propeller propulsion systems.


  • 16_values_innovation_130x200 Innovation and environnement
  • 17_values_knowhow_130x200 Know-how & high standard
  • 18_values_exclusivity_130x200 Exclusivity and luxury
  • 19_values_respect_130x200 Respect for the seas and oceans

Whisper Yachts' fights

To design the maritime landscape of tomorrow, Whisper Yachts is committed to protecting corals and underwater flora, fighting against marine pollution and supporting the transformation of ports and marinas.

Transform ports & marinas Fight against underwater noise pollution Protect the corals
Transform ports & marinas
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Transform ports & marinas

When docked, the yacht becomes a real solar power plant, it will re-inject its green solar electricity into the grid to help cities develop eco-responsible marinas that are self-sufficient in green electricity.
How can Whisper Yachts can facilitate the implementation of these installations by providing electricity?

Fight against underwater noise pollution
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Fight against underwater noise pollution

The human contribution to ocean noise pollution has increased over the last decades.
Human noise has become the main component of marine noise in some areas and the noise is directly related to the increasing industrialization of the ocean.
Low frequency noise emissions from ship movements have increased thirty- two-fold along major shipping routes.

Protect the corals
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Protect the corals

Corals that come together to form coral reefs are home to 25% of the world's marine life. But if we don't act urgently to address climate change, pollution, overfishing, and other threats, these magnificent organisms where life thrives could well disappear.
It is considered that about a quarter of the world's coral reefs have already suffered irreversible damage, and two thirds are seriously threatened. The cause is still human activities that are gradually degrading marine habitats.

Whisper Resort

Bring the resort experience to new heights by proposing a stay aboard a yacht powered by a 100% solar and electric motor with top-level comfort and luxurious design.

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Jérôme Cabanel
Jérôme Cabanel
Chief Finance & Marketing Officer

CMO at Procter&Gamble for 10 years, 21 years as a McDonald's France franchisee, Chairman of the Conseil National of the McDonald's franchisees and Chairman of GIE McDonald's.

Hervé Guillaume
Hervé Guillaume
Chief Revenue Officer

CEO & Founder of Immolec SAS for 30 years, CEO of Proparc and CEO & Founder of Liggoo.



  • symphony-marine-logo

    Symphony Marine was founded by Guy Marchal in 2019 with his 25 year experience in new yacht construction. Its main activity is assisting its client for new yacht construction, refit project or buying a yacht.

    Symphony Marine website
  • Berret racoupeau logo

    Berret-Racoupeau Design studio was selected by Whisper Yachts because it has one of the widest backgrounds in cruising catamarans and is involved in both naval architecture and interior design.

    Berret-Racoupeau website
  • torqeedo-logo

    Whisper Yachts chose Torqeedoo, founded in 2005 and world leader in electric marine propulsion. Solar charging technology and high-performance batteries from carmaker BMW. 

    Torqueedo website
  • sunblue-logo

    SunBlue is Whisper Yachts' partner shipyard and is located in Pisa, Italy. It is renowned for its high standards and quality : the French luxury with an Italian touch.

    SunBlue website
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    Whisper Yachts has joined forces with Project Rescue Ocean, an international association, because they share a common goal: the protection of oceans and marine species.

    Project Rescue Ocean