Green technology

Green technology

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With Whisper Yachts, reveal your pioneering spirit.
Discover the oceans without constraints using the best of technology aboard solar electric motor yachts. Enjoy while preserving the beauty of the oceans.

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Sustainable materials

The design team is committed to always select
sustainable materials without compromising quality.

A synthetic teak floor, 100% recyclable first-generation PVC without phthalates, is installed.
Whisper Yachts has also a recycling circuit for off-cuts from other industries.
Once installed, synthetic teak has no impact on the environment (can be cleaned with environmentally-friendly products) whereas wood requires highly polluting maintenance.

Whisper Yachts offers a non-biocidal anti-fouling film for hulls, with a 5-year lifespan instead of toxic paint. Preserving marine life, the silicone-based film improves water flow, thus saving the vessel's energy.

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Renewable green energy

With its solar panels, Whisper Yachts create a clean and renewable source of energy.

This translates into a significant reduction in carbon emissions and helps to preserve marine ecosystems, as well as combating climate change. Whisper Yachts reduces the carbon footprint on the environment by 90%.

By using the electricity generated by solar yachts, marinas can reduce their energy costs and can become energy hubs for their cities.

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Propulsion system

The propulsion system is supplied by Torqeedo, using top hand automotive batteries.It consists in 2 electric motors in connection with the shaft lines and the propellers. The electric motors are fed by 3 battery packs of 80 kWh each from the best of the automotive industry. 

The batteries are charged from 3 sources:

  • 22_icon_energie_solaire_24x24
    Solar panels (40 m²) of a total of 6 kW
  • 10_icon_paysage_20x20
    Shore power connection (13,2 kW)
  • 07_icon_eclair_20x20
    Back-up generators 2x20kW (option 2x35kW)

The overall system is managed by the System Management Unit with control panel on the main pilot-station. The electric motors have an output power 100 kW each i.e. a total of 200 kW (270 hp).
There is an option to upgrade the motors to 120 kW for a limited time of operation bringing the output to 240 kW (320 hp)The System Management Unit will also transform the 353v DC into 24v DC and 240v AC (110v AC is optional).

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Innovative architecture

Extensive studies using a virtual towing tank have enabled us to select the best ratio of profile/length/beam/draft to favour optimum passage of the hulls through the water and the least possible resistance to forward movement. The hull is raised on the aft third in order to favour a horizontal action of the propellers and not to penalise the draft.

The construction materials of the hulls and superstructures and their implementation have been the subject of great attention. Offering the sensation of great comfort and extreme lightness, which guarantees simplicity, is often a contradiction in terms. Whisper Yachts and Berret-Racoupeau Design have selected the most advanced composite techniques to control displacement by establishing the most effective comfort/lightness ratio.

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