Whisper 50

100% solar electric motor yacht

The best solar electric motor yacht that provides a way of sailing more handy, comfy and eco-friendly.


and 24,6 ft beam


3 battery packs of 80 kWh each


unlimited range at 5-6 knots

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Solar electric motor yacht

Developed over the last 4 years to protect our environment. Batteries are charged from solar panels, a back-up generator or directly from the shore power socket.


No greenhouse gas emissions compared with combustion engine yachts.

Full autonomy

The Whisper 50 is based on 2 electric motors connected to shaft lines. The electric motors are fed by 240 kWh battery pack.

Low maintenance costs

90% savings compared with combustion engines. Electric propulsion is very simple and basic in design: it requires no exhaust, no gearbox, no mechanical movements and gives off very little heat.

Innovative design

Volume equivalent to larger monohull motor yachts. Space for comfortable indoor and outdoor living. High stability for guest comfort, eliminating the need for costly outriggers.

Maximum speed

At full speed, the Whisper 50 can reach 15 knots.

Whisper 50 dimensions 1-min
  • 24m² (258ft²)
Whisper 50 dimensions 2-min
  • 43m² (462 ft²)
  • 15m² (161 ft²)
  • 8m² (86 ft²)
Whisper 50 dimensions 3-min
  • 16 m² (172 ft²)
  • 18 m² (193 ft²)
  • 4m² (43ft²)
Technical specs
  • 15.00m (49.22 ft)
  • 7,50m (24,60ft)
  • 0,92m (3,01ft)
  • 5,95m (19,52ft)
  • 22t
  • 15/10 knots
  • 240 kWh
  • 2x100 kW (Boost 2x120kW)
  • 2x20 kW (option 2x35kW)
  • 300L (80 US Gal)
  • 3 (option 4)
  • 400L (105 US Gal)

Details Whisper 50

Whisper 50 details 5-min

40 m² of solar panels

Whisper 50 details 6-min

Full beam swimming platform (7.5m)

Whisper 50 details 4-min

Enclosed aft cockpit

Whisper 50 details 7-min

Access door to exterior salon

Whisper 50 details 1-min

Sliding transverse doors and window lift allowing the entire yacht to be closed or opened with solid and secure protections.

Whisper 50 details 8-min

360° sea view

Whisper 50 details 3-min

Up to 4 guest cabins plus skipper

With silent electric propulsion, we can finally sail along with just an eco-friendly whispering!

With silent electric propulsion, we can finally sail along with just an eco-friendly whispering!

Guy Marchal, Founder

Highest requirements

Whisper Yachts has selected the best profile/length/width/draft ratio to optimize the hull's performance in the water with minimal resistance. The aft part of the hull is raised to promote horizontal action of the propellers without compromising on draft.

The materials used in the construction of the hulls and superstructures have received meticulous attention. Whisper Yachts and Berret-Racoupeau Design have chosen the most advanced composite techniques to ensure the perfect balance between comfort and lightweight construction.

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Whisper 50 highest requirements-min

Limited yearly production

Whisper Yachts pays great attention to details. The team has chosen to produce a limited number of yachts to guarantee high end quality level and exclusive finitions.

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Whisper 50 limited production-min