Sailing with Whisper Yachts in 2024

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In this time of reflection and renewal, Whisper Yachts invites us to welcome 2024 with a resolution that transcends the traditional, by personally committing to the preservation of our planet. This commitment takes the form of an unparalleled sailing experience aboard their solar electric yachts, a perfect fusion of luxury, technology, and ecological awareness.

An elegant commitment to the planet

Imagine gliding over tranquil waters aboard a Whisper Yacht, where every detail reflects a commitment to excellence and sustainability. These jewels of the sea, designed with timeless elegance and powered by solar energy, embody the perfect harmony between luxury and environmental responsibility. It's an invitation to redefine luxury, not as mere indulgence, but as a conscious choice for a better future.

Every journey on a Whisper Yacht is a celebration of the beauty of our planet. By choosing this form of navigation, you embrace a life where environmental respect is at the heart of every adventure. It's an experience that brings you closer to nature, allowing you to discover its wonders while minimizing your impact on its delicate ecosystems.

In 2024, Whisper Yachts offers more than just a means of transportation; they propose a personal commitment to the planet. Choosing a Whisper Yacht is a bold decision to protect our environment, while enjoying an unparalleled sailing experience. It's a commitment that resonates with the values of sailors, epicureans, and all those who seek to make a positive difference in the world.
With our solar electric motor yacht, you sail not only to new destinations but also towards a more promising future. Every kilometer traveled is a step further towards a world where luxury and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony. It's a promise of a future where our actions today shape a better world for tomorrow.

In this new year, Whisper Yachts reminds us that our choices have the power to change the world. By choosing a Whisper Yacht, you are not just adopting a resolution for 2024; you are making an elegant and meaningful commitment to our planet. It's an invitation to join a community of visionaries who sail not only with style but also with a deep respect for the earth we cherish. So, take the helm of this new year with Whisper Yachts, and sail towards a future where luxury and ecology sail together.

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Creating unforgettable family memories

The year 2024 presents an ideal opportunity to strengthen family bonds through unique and meaningful experiences. Whisper Yachts' solar electric yachts provide the perfect setting for family vacations that combine adventure, luxury, and environmental responsibility. Aboard these sea jewels, families can create unforgettable memories, rocked by the waves and surrounded by breathtaking marine landscapes.

Sailing on a solar electric yacht with Whisper Yachts is an educational experience for both children and adults. It's an opportunity to learn about the importance of sustainability and environmental protection in an interactive and engaging way. By navigating these ecological yachts, families can firsthand observe how advanced technology and environmental respect can coexist, instilling values of ecological responsibility in the younger generations.

Whisper Yachts are designed with the comfort and safety of every family member in mind. With spacious living areas, comfortable cabins, and relaxation zones, they provide a safe and welcoming environment for children and adults alike. This allows families to relax and fully enjoy their time together, knowing that their well-being is a top priority.

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Aboard a Whisper Yacht, there are activities to please all ages. Whether it's exploring hidden coves, swimming in crystal-clear waters, or simply relaxing and admiring the sunset, these yachts offer a multitude of opportunities to enjoy the sea and nature. It's a chance to disconnect from daily distractions and reconnect as a family.

Choosing a Whisper Yachts solar electric yacht for your family vacation in 2024 is much more than a travel decision; it's a commitment to a more sustainable future and an opportunity to strengthen family bonds. It's an experience that combines luxury, adventure, and environmental education, offering an ideal platform for teaching, exploring, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Embark on a responsible family journey with Whisper Yachts and sail towards a future where luxury, family, and sustainability sail together.

The 2023 annual report of the nautical sector reveals key figures that underscore the growing importance of sustainability in the industry. With 5,722 companies and 42,194 direct employees, the sector generates a total turnover of 4.95 billion euros. These figures testify to a robust and expanding industry, highlighting the importance of innovation and environmental responsibility in its continued growth.

With a solar electric yacht from Whisper Yachts, you align not only with the current trends of the nautical sector but also participate in a broader vision of sustainability. Whisper Yachts, with their streamlined design and advanced technology, represent a perfect fusion of luxury and ecological responsibility, meeting the needs of an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

Whisper Yachts' solar electric yachts provide the perfect setting for family vacations that combine adventure, luxury, and environmental responsibility.

The Whisper Yachts models: a fusion of luxury and ecology

  • Whisper 40
    Scheduled for delivery in 2025, the Whisper 40 is a yacht model that promises a luxurious and environmentally respectful sailing experience. Designed for those seeking to combine comfort and ecological commitment, this yacht is the perfect embodiment of modern and responsible navigation.
  • Whisper 50
    Described as the best solar electric motor yacht, the Whisper 50 offers practical, comfortable, and ecological navigation. This 50-foot yacht is a true work of art, combining luxurious design with green technologies for an unprecedented sailing experience.
  • Whisper 60
    Soon available for pre-order, represents the pinnacle of luxury yachting. This model promises to add an extra dimension to the sailing experience, with particular attention paid to sustainability and high-end comfort.
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Respect for the environment
Each Whisper model is a declaration of love for the oceans. With a 90% reduction in carbon impact, these yachts are at the forefront of ecological navigation. They represent a conscious choice for those who wish to protect the seas and oceans while enjoying their wonders.

Comfort and luxury
Whisper yachts make no compromises on comfort and luxury. Each model is designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering an unmatched sailing experience. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious escape without sacrificing their ecological values.

Innovative technology
With cutting-edge technology, they are providing smooth and efficient navigation. Their solar electric propulsion is not just an ecological choice but also a demonstration of innovation and performance.
In a world where luxury is often synonymous with complexity and excess, Whisper Yachts invites us to rediscover luxury in its purest and simplest form. Their solar electric yachts embody this philosophy, where elegant simplicity harmoniously blends with uncompromising luxury. It's an invitation to experience luxury that appeals not only to our senses but also to our conscience.

Each boat is designed with a streamlined aesthetic, highlighting the natural beauty of its materials and environment. This simplicity in design translates into a more authentic and intimate sailing experience. Onboard, sailors can connect with the sea in a more direct and meaningful way, enjoying every moment without the distractions of the superfluous.

They are not just wonders of design; they are also masterpieces of sustainable technology. Their solar electric propulsion offers silent and environmentally respectful navigation, allowing passengers to blend into the marine landscape without disturbing its delicate balance. It's an experience that brings sailors closer to nature while offering the comfort and amenities of modern luxury.

By choosing a Whisper Yacht, sailors make a conscious choice in favor of sustainability. These yachts are designed to minimize environmental impact, offering a luxurious and responsible alternative to traditional navigation. It's a commitment that goes beyond mere yacht ownership; it's a statement of respect and responsibility towards our planet.

Whisper Yachts' solar electric yachts are not just vessels; they are symbols of a new paradigm in the world of luxury. Through the refined selection of a Whisper Yacht, you opt for a form of luxury that is both simple and deeply meaningful, an experience that enriches the soul while preserving our world. It's an invitation to sail into a future where luxury and sustainability sail together, redefining what luxury truly means in our modern world.

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