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Imagine yourself sailing on turquoise waters, gently caressed by the sea breeze, knowing that every moment of pleasure is in perfect harmony with the preservation of the environment. Welcome to Whisper Yachts, where luxury meets responsibility, and every voyage becomes an unforgettable experience.

The eco-responsibility revolution

In a rapidly evolving world, eco-responsibility takes center stage. Whisper Yachts has risen to this challenge by offering solar electric yachts that blend exceptional performance, absolute comfort, and environmental responsibility. Unlike traditional motor boats, Whisper Yachts’ solar electric provides a cleaner, quieter, and more ecological alternative.

Thermal engines, widely used in the boating industry, have posed significant environmental challenges. Burning fossil fuels, they emit carbon dioxide (CO2), a potent greenhouse gas. Accidental fuel and oil spills have the potential to contaminate surrounding waters, harming marine life. Not to mention the noise produced by these engines, disrupting marine life, affecting the ability of marine species to communicate and navigate.

This is especially true in the Mediterranean Sea, where scientists from the IPCC estimate it could become a dead sea, devoid of all life, in 20 years if nothing is done to preserve it. One of the main sources of this pollution comes from the 428,000 thermal engines navigating the French waters from Nice to Perpignan.

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Electric propulsion, technological advancement

At the heart of every Whisper Yachts lies a revolutionary electric propulsion system provided by Torqeedo using top end automotive batteries. This cutting-edge system incorporates two electric motors, delivering exceptional power of 200kW  with three battery packs totalising 240kWh. Compared to combustion engines, Whisper Yachts’ electric propulsion significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and offers smooth, silent, and vibration-free navigation. It is a direct response to marine pollution issues and a promising solution to save fragile marine ecosystems like the Mediterranean Sea.

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By choosing Whisper Yachts, you actively contribute to the preservation of our precious ecosystem while enjoying a premium yachting experience.

Advantages for the environment and the yacht enthusiast

Whisper Yachts' solar panels and its ability to recharge batteries through shore connection, you enjoy sustainable autonomy and complete freedom of navigation. You can explore the most beautiful corners of the world, in harmony with nature, without compromising the comfort and luxury for which Whisper Yachts is renowned. It is a true revolution in the yachting world, emphasizing clean and renewable energy. 

With its solar electric propulsion Whisper Yachts eliminates CO2 emissions, reduces noise pollution, and protects marine life. You can indulge in your sea escapes with peace of mind. Fortunately, the yachting industry is moving towards cleaner and more sustainable technologies. Hybrid and all-electric engines are becoming increasingly common. These engines significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution while being much quieter than their thermal counterparts. Moreover, they are generally more efficient, meaning they consume less energy to travel at the same speed.

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Comparison with combustion engines

  • Traditional motor yachts are popular due to their power and speed. However, they generate harmful emissions and noise, which have a negative impact on the environment and the overall navigation experience.
  • On the other hand, Whisper Yachts takes a different approach with its electric propulsion system.
  • They harness solar energy as the primary power source, making them environmentally friendly with no harmful emissions.
  • Moreover, Whisper Yachts' electric motors operate silently, providing a peaceful navigation experience.
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In terms of performance, Whisper Yachts makes no compromises.

Their electric propulsion system offers exceptional power and precise maneuverability. They are responsive and quickly reach their cruising speed. At full speed,the Whisper 50 can reach 15 knots and unlimited range at 5-6 knots.

Whisper Yachts also places paramount importance on absolute comfort with minimal vibrations and a cleaner interior environment. Furthermore, they are self-sufficient with integrated solar panels and the ability to recharge from shore power.

The role of Whisper Yachts

Whisper Yachts is a leader in the movement towards more sustainable boating. They produce yachts that utilize electric propulsion systems, which are much cleaner and quieter than traditional combustion engines. By combining innovative design with advanced technology, Whisper Yachts contributes to transforming the yachting industry and reducing its impact on the environment.

The long-term vision for the yachting industry involves a complete transition to cleaner and more sustainable technologies. This includes not only the use of electric and hybrid engines but also optimizing yacht design to improve energy efficiency, utilizing more durable and eco-friendly materials, and integrating renewable energy sources such as solar power.

However, this transition will not be easy and will require the commitment of all industry stakeholders, from boat builders to boaters themselves. But with companies like Whisper Yachts leading the way the future of boating looks promising.

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The world of tomorrow

At Whisper Yachts, our gaze is fixed on the future, where sustainability and green technology take precedence. We aim to revolutionize the yachting world by offering innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions.

When you choose a Whisper Yachts, you opt for a luxurious and eco-conscious lifestyle in perfect harmony with nature. Embark with us into a world where every voyage is a unique experience, where luxury meets sustainability, and where green technology blends seamlessly with elegance. With a global presence, Whisper Yachts shapes the future of marinas by adopting innovative technologies and fostering a vision that goes beyond traditional navigation. Let's dive deeper into the world of tomorrow, where marinas become gateways to a greener future.

 Join us on a journey towards a future where the passion for yachting harmoniously blends with sustainability.

Ecological, self-sufficient marinas

Whisper Yachts views marinas as more than just parking spaces for vessels; they are sanctuaries that promote environmental preservation. By partnering with marinas committed to sustainable development, Whisper Yachts creates a network of havens that prioritize environmentally-friendly practices. These marinas implement measures such as renewable energy utilization, waste management, and eco-conscious infrastructure, ensuring the preservation of the ocean’s beauty for the future generations.

With Whisper Yachts, you can fulfil your dreams while safeguarding the future of our beautiful planet. As we face major ecological challenges, such as the threat looming over the Mediterranean Sea, choosing cleaner navigation is not just a matter of luxury but a matter of survival for our oceans. Join us in our mission for a greener and more sustainable future.

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A course for a cleaner and sustainable marine industry by 2030.

Whisper Yachts is pioneering the future of yachting with cutting-edge eco-friendly innovations.

The eco-friendly yacht market is constantly evolving and provides a fascinating glimpse into what the yachting industry could look like by 2030. With a growing awareness of environmental issues and the need to preserve our oceans, many industry players are committed to developing environmentally-friendly yachts that utilize innovative and sustainable technologies to reduce their ecological footprint.

By 2030, the eco-friendly yacht market is expected to experience significant growth, driven by a combination of key factors. Firstly, the increasing demand from yacht owners and affluent clients for environmentally-friendly options will foster the development of sustainable solutions. Client expectations are changing, and they now seek to enjoy their yachting passion while minimizing their impact on fragile marine ecosystems.

Technological innovations will play a crucial role in transforming the eco-friendly yacht market. Advances in electric propulsion, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable materials will enable the creation of yachts that are more environmentally-friendly. Electric propulsion systems, such as electric motors and high-capacity batteries, will gradually replace traditional combustion engines, reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution.

Renewable energies will also be essential in the yachts of the future. Solar panels integrated into the yacht's superstructure and marine wind turbines will generate clean energy to power propulsion systems and onboard equipment. Additionally, advanced energy storage systems will store excess energy for later use, reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy efficiency will be a key feature of the eco-friendly yachts in 2030. Builders will work to minimize energy consumption onboard through intelligent energy management systems, efficient thermal insulation, and eco-friendly air conditioning and lighting systems. Furthermore, innovative technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, sail propulsion assisted by rigid wings or retractable sails, and kinetic energy recovery systems will maximize the yachts' efficiency.

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Sustainable materials will also play a significant role in the construction of eco-friendly yachts. Shipyards will utilize recyclable and low-impact materials, such as natural fiber-based composites, sustainably sourced woods, and environmentally-friendly antifouling coatings. Additionally, smart and lightweight design will reduce material consumption and enhance overall yacht efficiency. Beyond the technical aspects, sustainability will also be considered in yacht operation practices. Owners and crews will be educated on marine ecosystem protection, waste management, respect for sensitive areas, and the promotion of sustainable sea tourism. Strict standards will be implemented to ensure that yachts comply with international environmental regulations and best practices in sustainability.

In conclusion, the eco-friendly yacht market by 2030 represents a promising vision for the yachting industry. Through technological advancements, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly yachts will offer a luxurious yachting experience while preserving the oceans and marine ecosystems. The yachting industry is undergoing a transformation to address global environmental challenges, and eco-friendly yachts will play a crucial role in this transition to a more sustainable future.

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